Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hack Mentality and the Easy Life

'Hacking', in computer-tech speak, used to mean taking clumsy short-cuts that get a job done without finesse.

Now it's used to mean clever and simple ways to get the job done without complication.

Is this because a prevailing modern trend espouses speed but downplays quality?

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I like simplicity, I like to reduce complexity where possible, but editing things from your life is a time-consuming process; a simple lifestyle requires sustained effort and frequent maintenance checks. 

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Clear spaces don't just happen.

Silver bullets, sound-bites and short-cuts are starting to define this decade, at the depreciation of hard work. Quick, bland and unhealthy food is a bad answer to an important question. People want instant results and instant replies. Self-belief is touted as the only requirement for success while effort, dedication and acquiring skills are forgotten.

Hard work has a value; endeavour has a place in life. Without it the results of our endeavours become cheap and disposable.

Short-cuts have their place, but they should never be standard practice. A speedy, disposable life risks becoming worthless.

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Tranquility takes time. Clarity comes from effort. True value is not abitrary and comes from hard work.

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